PCA Moisturize Retainer 8oz


Dudley’s PCA Moisture Retainer is a concentrated, leave-in moisturizing hairdressing that restores the hair’s natural oils and moisture. This daily lotion is enriched with humectants and creamy emollients that soften and retain moisture in the hair shaft. Great for all hair types and men and women.


Key Benefits
  • Prevents dryness associated with all hair types and textures
  • Increases and maintains elasticity and flexibility
  • Locks moisture into wet sets and wraps
  • Restores moisture balance after chemical treatments
  • Prevents breakage and conditions damaged hair
  • Soothes cuticle roughness
  • Grooms and softens styles for males and short cuts perfect for the entire family
How To Use
  1. Use on wet or dry hair.
  2. Squeeze a small pea-sized amount of Dudley’s PCA Moisture Retainer into the palm of your hand.
  3. Massage throughout the hair.
  4. Do not shampoo or rinse from hair.
  5. Style as usual.
Key Ingredients
  • Sodium PCA – a moisturizing agent that can absorb moisture from the air and supply it into the hair shaft. Unlike glycerin, it will not absorb the moisture from the scalp.
  • Biotin – a Vitamin H complex that can penetrate into the cortex and act as a building block.
  • Panthenol – a pro-vitamin B5 compound that adds sheen and body.


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